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Tactical Voting in Witney constituency (which now also includes the Western Vale)

To get the Conservatives out, you need to vote for the Liberal Democrats in Witney. Under our current voting system, voting Labour or Green in Witney will help the Conservatives.

Labour HQ has officially put Witney on its list of ‘Non Battleground Seats’. It doesn’t want you to vote here because it lessens its chance of winning nationally.To achieve a change in government you NEED to vote tactically. The Lib Dems are the only team that can beat the Tories in this constituency… you will have seen the hundreds of posters that reinforce this in Oxfordshire! To get this seat to change, you need to vote Lib Dem on 4th July.

Remember: if you vote for Labour or Green, you will split the anti-Tory vote in Witney and increase the chances of the Tories maintaining their seat in parliament, which they have won in every election for more than 100 years!!!

You can read more about tactical voting in Witney (and other constituencies) on websites like Tactical.Vote.

Or watch our video explainer:


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